About Me

My Gallery of work shows many projects and disciplines needed for them. You may wonder why I go to the effort of covering many different job types, well quite simply everyday is a school day. Having over 15 years professional experience you pick a lot up. Fascinatingly the more I learn, opens up different avenues of knowledge to explore and I love it!

However its impossible to do everything yourself and over the years have made friends with some fantastic tradesman, whether an electrician is needed for beautiful garden lighting or a master joiner is needed to make bespoke home items, they are all just a phone call away.

I was never that Academic at school, but Dad was a builder, so there was always pieces of wood and nails lying around for me to start homing my practical skills with instead. However didn’t have a clue what to do in life. I was always drawing and ended up achieving A’s in Art & CDT at school. Which led me to College for five years exploring all manor of art disciplines, culminating in Fine Art Illustrating with a Higher National Diploma.

But there was one problem, being tied to a desk. Although I enjoyed it, practically I craved more. I started working as a builder and realised all my years exploring art had given me an asset to aid me. I was able to identify both visual and practical aspects to create in a 3D environment. Now I could design and construct.

Fine Art Illustrating is about as accurate as you can get, I put down my obsession to fine detail on this, even if something will be cover up I can’t help myself. This extends to the materials and construction methods I use, I build to last, Cutting corners aren’t words I know and if asked to so, that’s not a client for me.

Nearly all my work is by word of mouth, I am extremely proud to be able to say every client who has employed me is happy and would not hesitate referencing me. This is because I treat each job as if it was my own, I listen to a clients needs, as ultimately it is not my own. Understanding a customer is so imported, it’s common for people to need guidance and with my years of experience I can show how to release the full potential of their project.

I always urge new clients to visit past work, where you can see my results and talk to my clients alone, I would if I was looking for a Tradesman.

Landscaping projects are designed with pen and paper. I am happiest with a scale ruler at my desk, No flashy computer plans I am afraid (at least no yet). Some times simply out line designs and measurements are adequate, other times full colour marker pen concept drawings are requested.
Ultimately I am an Artist at heart. What drives me is producing Art throughout my life. That could be the smallest thing, getting a patch of brickwork perfect or my best window in, transforming unutilised, unloved gardens or outdoor spaces into practical, relaxing, multi-sensory well designed spaces. The joy this gives to clients having a new addition of space to their home gives me great satisfaction. I’ve always felt a bond with the Natural World, increasingly in recent years.

Growing up watching David Attenborough, always out and about walking or bike riding through fields and woods, many days spent fishing at a waters edge watching life in all its amazing elements.
So not surprisingly, its important to me to show clients how easy it is to invite nature into their gardens.
For pollinating Bees, Butterflies and other insects with flowering plants or a piece of garden left as meadow. Bird and Bee boxes or introducing a water feature, bringing in Newts, Frogs, Toads, Dragon and Damselfly’s and many smaller creatures. When we surround ourselves with wildlife are own life’s improve, we are more calm, we learn and gain an appreciation of the delicate and wonderful world around us. That world is getting smaller for plants and creatures who cannot fight back. So Nature in our gardens benefits all.